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The MBA is dead

June 21, 2005 | Permalink


Without being as radical as saying the MBA is dead, I have over the last decade strongly advocated the introduction of strong coaching skills in MBA programmes.

With some 35 years career in Management development including some 15 years in Management coaching, I am in an excellent position to fully understand the importance of coaching for our managers of today and to-morrow

Norman COX
Management Coach,Consultant,Trainer

Posted by: Louis Norman COX | Jun 23, 2005 11:14:04 PM

Interesting article - I myself do not have an MBA, but I have in the past worked for people that do. One was excellent, one was downright bad, and the others were, well... not memorable. Bad managers create an atmosphere of poison in a corporate culture, they can literally choke the life out of their team members. No wonder depression is sighted as the main factor in employee absenteeism. In my day we called them "Mental Health Holidays". Corporations must begin to understand that in order to fight such statistics, they have to consider a more holistic approach within their corporate culture. People aren't just about their technical skills (even if that's what the corporation believes they are paying for). In Canada some of our larger companies are introducing peer support programs, as well as full blown holistic wellness programs. Personally I think that Human Resource departments are necessary, but wouldn't it be nice if corporations recognised the need for a complimentary department called "Wellness and Development" with coaches solely dedicated to the health and well being of everyone, MBA's included.

Lelia Sherrington
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Posted by: Lelia Sherrington | Aug 16, 2005 5:37:35 PM

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