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The MBA is dead.  Strong words.  I like to keep my eye on the articles in the Harvard Business Review – the B-school bastion.  Over the past year or so there have been a number of articles specifically about coaching.  In one recent article - featuring a picture of a creature in a business suit with the head of a gorilla and a sports coach blowing a whistle loudly into another poor creatures ear – coach was described as having two purposes: either for people in transition OR executives who are worried that they might be a jerk.  Very nice.  And of all the articles on coaching, this was the best one.  For the most part, the B-Schools are panning coaching.

I was talking with my coach, Lance Secretan, ( the other day and we were lamenting that the B-schools (and by and large the big business thinkers), just don’t get it! (IT, specifically meaning coaching).  Then it occurred to me, “Wait a minute! They DO get it.”  They are panning coaching because they KNOW that they are dead! 

In the 1980’s B-school was the BIG thing.  I have an MBA myself to prove it.  If you wanted to get on the fast track in your career or business, it was the only way to go.  But now, in the new millenium, learning about business is not the path to success in business, career or leadership.  LEARNING TO UNLEASH THE GREATNESS IN PEOPLE IS THE THING!  People are the thing.  The best way to learn about the greatness of people is in coaching school!

The MBA is dead! – The Certified Coach is the New MBA.

This theme will run through a series of articles here in your Today’s Coach during the summer.  Here is point number one:

Unleashing the greatness in people is the fast track to success.

When think about what I learned in business school: marketing, accounting, finance, how to manage factory full of union laborers, how to plan a TV advertising campaign with direct mail follow up, UGH!  Even if the schools have upgraded the curriculum since then, it’s still the same basic stuff.

People are the thing!  Imagine if you are a manager and you have a reliable process for bringing out the greatness of everyone on your staff!  Imagine you are an independent trainer who teaches time management and you can follow up the program with a 3 month coaching contract that ensures that each participant lives the system and re-designs his or her environment.  Whoa.  Imagine you are an executive with a BIG project and a tight deadline.  Normally it would be stress city.  But with coaching skills you will be highly aware of the patterns that create overwhelm and you’d coach every team member to feel fully (body awareness) the stay focused simply on what to do next.  MAGIC!

To thrive in business today – becoming a certified coach will serve you far greater than any business model.

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The MBA is dead part 2: Training without coaching is entertainment

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The MBA is dead

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